Thursday, November 25, 2010

LDS Church clarifies policies regarding social issues with the release of new administrative handbook

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently released a new two volume handbook for use by it's lay leaders. In an unprecedented move, however, the Church leadership has made the second volume of the handbook available to the public through The second volume deals mainly with administrative and leadership issues, but it also contains many statements on various social issues which have never before been available to the public. This has been greeted enthusiastically by some members and even some non-members who have sought instruction concerning specific church policies regarding issues such as: birth control, abuse, surrogate motherhood, suicide, artificial insemination, homosexuality, and many other issues. However, according to LDS Newsroom, "Church leaders have emphasized that while the handbook is an essential guide in a large church with a lay ministry, it is not scripture, and individual leaders [and presumably individual members to a lesser degree] are expected to seek inspiration and use judgment when administering their church duties."

Below is a link to the LDS Newsroom article, and below that is a link to the actual handbook.

Church Leaders to Release New Administrative Handbook

Here is a direct link to the section of the handbook devoted to "policies on moral issues":
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