Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Notes for Romans Ch. 1

Editor's note: these notes were developed for my own use during the Bible study that I teach, and are intended to accompany the text in Chapter one of The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans. Any other use than that which was intended could result in catastrophic comprehension failure on your part, and should not be undertaken.

a) Written from Corinth within a year or so of Paul’s writing 2 Corinthians (between 57-58)

b) Paul wintered in Corinth for 3 Months (v. Acts 20) to wait for safe sailing weather-also good business ( paul was a sail-maker/leather-worker/tent-maker)

c) Jews (including Jewish Christians) had been expelled from Rome in 49 CE by the emperor Claudius over unrest concerning “one Chrestus” (according to Suetonius)-likely refers to Christ.

d) It is likely that the Christian population in Rome consisted largely of gentile Christians (see 1:13), however there are hints of a culture clash that may have resulted as Jewish Christians began to trickle back into Rome.

V1 Servant The Greek for this word means: 1) a “slave” who completely belongs to his owner and has no freedom to leave, and (2) a “servant” who willingly chooses to serve his master.

[In OT] can refer to one who holds the status of a high official in the Lord’s kingly administration. As in Ex. 14:31

1 Cor 7:20-21
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