Sunday, March 13, 2011

What To Do When Church is Boring: 3 Truths and 5 Tips to Make Church More Fulfilling.

Q:  I feel frustrated because my church meetings often seem boring and unfulfilling.  What can I do to make church more exciting or at least enjoyable?

A:  You find church to be boring on occasion?  Congratulations!  That means that you are normal!  My first piece of advice would be to relax about it and understand that it is OK to feel restless in church from time to time.  I used to complain about boring church meetings all of the time, because I have had my own share of troubles when it comes to feeling engaged and fulfilled by my meetings. Then one day I noticed that I had stopped complaining.  I was puzzled enough at this discovery that I paused to examine exactly what had changed to cause such a shift in my habits.  As I reflected, I decided that I don’t think that my church meetings have changed all that much, but I am fairly sure that a vital change has happened in me to help me to overcome my boredom and appreciate my time in church.  In this post I have tried to distill what helped me to resolve this problem in my own mind and heart, and to that end, I have divided my response into two parts:
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