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A Guide to 45 Self-Contained Book of Mormon Chapter Studies

Here is a list consisting of my recommendations for 45 self-contained Book of Mormon chapter studies. Each chapter focuses on a particular doctrinal principle (or several) and you can easily devote your individual scripture study to a single chapter (devotional-style).  I adapted my list from a similar list found in Preach My Gospel pages 47-48.  I did this at a friend's request, because she is approaching the Book of Mormon for the first time and she wants to learn the doctrine without wading through so much war and history.

To be clear, this exercise is not intended to disparage or downplay the importance of the war chapters in any way, nor is this list intended to be viewed as authoritative or comprehensive.  This is nothing more than a list of the doctrine heavy chapters that I happen to love the most, which I created in order to encourage my friend to read the Book of Mormon.  I encourage YOU to encourage YOUR friends to read the Book of Mormon, and if this list helps you to do that, then so much the better.  To that end, you can request a free copy of the Book of Mormon HERE.  For more on the value and purpose of the Book of Mormon check out my article: "4 Purposes of The Book of Mormon"

Each chapter that I have recommended includes a few brief highlights to explain why it is on the list, and a few special chapters are also marked **MUST READ**.  I have also included a link to a pdf version of this list to make it easier to print.

The Book of Mormon
Suggested Devotional-style Reading Course

Title Page & Intro

1 Nephi 8-11 -- Lehi and Nephi’s visions of the tree of life

2 Nephi 2 -- Individual Agency, Redemption only by merits, mercy, grace of Holy Messiah unto all those w/ broken heart & contrite spirit, The Fall of Adam **MUST READ**

2 N 9 -- Judgment, second death, need for/power of resurrection

2 N 25 -- Salvation by grace “after all we can do,” Law of Moses points to Christ

2 N 27 -- prophecy concerning the intent and coming forth of the Book of Mormon

2 N 28 -- The Great Apostasy

2 N 29 -- Bible and Book of Mormon both vital to salvation

2 N 31 -- Why Christ needed to be baptized, formal statement of gospel doctrine as requirement of salvation  **MUST READ**

2 N 32 -33 -- Power and function of Holy Ghost, Vital importance of prayer

Jacob 4 -- Function of prophets, need for revelation, purpose of law of Moses

Book of Enos (1 chapter long) -- Enos prays and experiences power of atonement

Mosiah 2-5 -- King Benjamin’s great address-too many highlights to list **MUST READ**

Mosiah 12-16 -- Abinadi testifies of Christ before his own martyrdom

Mosiah 18 -- Alma teaches the terms of Baptism & discipleship

Mosiah 27 -- Alma the younger is spiritually born again.  (all subsequent references to Alma will be to Alma the younger).

Alma 5 -- True conversion, Judgment day, Stripped of pride & envy?, Sheep of the good shepherd or not, How to gain testimony for oneself.  **MUST READ**

Alma 7 -- The power and particulars of the atonement **MUST READ**

Alma 11 -- Resurrection  **MUST READ**

Alma 12 -- Fall of Adam, judgment, spiritual & temporal death

Alma 13 -- Foreordination (election), The high priesthood and conversion, Life of Melchizedek, humility

Alma 22 (17-22) -- Miraculous Conversion of Lamanites

Alma 26 -- Ammon rejoices after conversion of many Lamanites, Natural man cannot know the mysteries of God

Alma 30 -- Alma contends with the Anti-Christ Korihor

Alma 32 -- Alma’s great sermon concerning faith **MUST READ**

Alma 34 -- the atonement and the end of animal sacrifice, exhortation to prayer, “This life is the time to prepare to meet God” **MUST READ**

Alma 36 -- Alma recounts his conversion

Alma 40 -- The doctrine of the spirit world, the mechanics of the resurrection  **MUST READ**

Alma 41 --  Judgment, “Wickedness never was happiness”

Alma 42 -- The Fall, This life is a time of probation, Justice and Mercy satisfied by atonement, Anyone who will come may come and partake of the waters of life

Helaman 5 -- Helaman teaches his sons Nephi and Lehi before they devote their lives to preaching the gospel, Christ not come to redeem IN sins, but rather FROM sins, Build on the rock of our redeemer, miraculous escape from prison in which God (not Christ) speaks

Helaman 14 -- Samuel the Lamanite prophesies of the birth of Christ, Power of resurrection, judgment, spiritual death i.e. the second death

3 Nephi 9-10 -- The resurrected Christ speaks to the Nephites from the heavens.  The sacrifices he commands are the sacrifice of a broken heart & contrite spirit

3 N 11 -- The resurrected Christ appears in person to the Nephites, introduced by God, the people witness that He is Christ by touching the wounds in his side and in His hands, gives authority to prophet Nephi and some others to baptize in His name, teaches correct form and manner of baptism, Formal statement of particulars of His gospel, condemns contention  **MUST READ**

3 N 12-14 -- Christ commissions 12 Nephite apostles, teaches “the Sermon at the Temple” which is a refined version of the sermon on the mount

3 N 15-16 -- The Law of Moses Fulfilled in Christ, “Other sheep I have”

3 N 18 -- Christ institutes the Sacrament & teaches significance & blessings of observing sacrament worthily, Power of (personal & family) prayer to protect from Satan, “I know my sheep, and they are numbered”  **MUST READ**

3 N 27 -- Christ explains why His church must bear HIS name, Christ’s resurrection brings all men to stand before God to be judged, formal statement of doctrines of Gospel, must be washed in blood of Savior to enter into kingdom, “What manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.”  **MUST READ**

Mormon 9 -- Sinners more comfortable in Hell than with God, redemption from the fall, miracles

Ether 3 -- The Savior appears to the brother of Jared, nature of Christ, faith to become sons and daughters of God

Ether 12 -- Hope maketh an anchor to the souls of men & faith=hope for a better world, receive not a witness until after the trial of your faith, w/o faith God can do no miracle, "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness.  I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."  **MUST READ**

Moroni 7 -- How to judge for ourselves, miracles, Faith, Hope, and CHARITY **MUST READ**MUST READ**MUST READ**

Moroni 8 -- Condemnation of false doctrine of child/infant baptism, “The first fruits of repentance is baptism; and baptism cometh by faith unto the fulfilling the commandments; and the fulfilling the commandments bringeth remission of sins”

Moroni 10 -- “Moroni’s promise”, Spiritual Gifts, How to become perfect in Christ **MUST READ**


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