Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anonymous Religion Questionnaire #2

Just for fun you can fill out this questionnaire about your religious habits. There are two versions of the questionnaire. This one is aimed at people who do not identify with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Copy and paste these questions into your email, then answer the questions and email it to:
Don't send me your name, as I am more interested in your answers than I am in your actual identity.

This 24 question survey is intended for use in a book designed to encourage and facilitate the spiritual well-being of people of all ages, but especially that of young people. Please be honest in your answers.

Anonymous Religion Questionnaire

Age:_____ Gender:_____

1) What religion do you identify or affiliate with (if any)?

2) How often do you attend church? What day of the week do you attend church?

3) Do you attend more than one church? ( Y / N ) If so, why?

4) Do you feel that your time at church is well spent? ( Y / N ) What makes you feel that way?

5) Do you feel that you have strong faith in the truth of what your church teaches? (Y /N) in God and Jesus Christ? (Y / N) The Bible? (Y / N ) Why or Why not?

6) Do you have any questions about God, his Gospel, the Bible, religion, or anything else that you feel have not been adequately answered in your church? ( Y / N ) If so what are they, and why haven’t they been answered?

7) What is your favorite book or chapter in the Bible?

8) Do you accept any other books besides the Bible as the word of God? (i.e. The Book of Mormon, The Qu’uran (Koran), The Vedas, etc.) ( Y / N ) If yes, which ones and why? If no, why not?

9) Do you prefer the Old Testament or the New Testament? Why? Which one does your church tend to emphasize?

10) What translation or version of the Bible do you prefer? (e.g. King James Version, New International Version, NLV, RSV, etc.)

11) How often do you study your scriptures?

12) Do you feel that you generally have a hard time or an easy time understanding what is written in the scriptures? If you have a hard time, what keeps you from understanding the scriptures? If you have an easy time of it, what tips do you have for everyone else?

13) How often do you pray? Who do you pray to?

14) Do you feel that God answers your prayers? (Y / N ) Why or why not?

15) What are the main things that interfere with your efforts to:

a) Study your scriptures?

b) Hold meaningful and regular prayer?

c) Attend Church often?

16) Do you consider yourself to be a sinner? ( Y / N ) Why or Why not?

17) What role does the Savior Jesus Christ play in your life? How does his sacrifice for our sins affect you personally?

18) What do you believe are the basic principles of the Gospel that Jesus Christ taught?

19) Does your Church practice the Eucharist/Communion/the passing of the Sacrament? ( Y / N ) If so what does it mean in your church? What does it mean to you personally?

20) Does your Church practice Baptism? ( Y / N ) Do you consider Baptism to be essential for Salvation? ( Y / N ) Why or why not?

21) (multiple choice) Where do you feel that the Gospel is best taught and learned?

a) In the mission field.

b) At Church.

c) In the home.

d) On T.V.

22) Have you ever served a proselytizing or service mission for your church? ( Y / N) If so, did you feel that it was a positive or negative experience? Why?

23) How do you feel about the efforts of other churches to proselyte (recruit new converts to their churches)? How do you feel about them recruiting from among the membership of your church?

24) Do you feel that you are diligent in service to your Church? ( Y/ N ) What about Christian service to others? ( Y/ N ) What would be a typical act of service to your church? To your fellow man?

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