Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scripture Master Tip #13: Create An Appropriate Study Space

13. Create an appropriate study space.

Study at a table or a desk. 
I stole this from the missionary handbook. While it is great that you are reading the scriptures at all, I find that when I read the scriptures while sitting on the couch, or lying on the floor or on my bed, it doesn’t really feel like studying. That is to say, my mind wanders, and I am more easily distracted. Also, some people that I know have a tendency to fall asleep if they lie down for more than 5 minutes at a time. The point is that if you want to maximize your learning experience with the scriptures, you need to arrange yourself so that you are ready to learn. What do you think a teacher in school would do to you if you decided to lie on the floor in their classroom instead of sitting at a desk?  Just to be clear, I'm not saying that you can't ALSO read the scriptures while sitting on the couch or lying on your bed.  What I am saying is that you need to have a dedicated formal study time set aside in which you sit at a table or a desk and assume an attitude signifying your desire to be taught by the Lord.

Create an appropriate study space.
It also helps if you create or set aside a particular place for study.  When you set up a study space for yourself, make sure that you have enough room to spread out, so you can have a notebook handy, and any reference materials that you feel might aid in your study of the scriptures.  Make sure that your study space is clean and organized, so as to be free of clutter, disorder, and distractions.  Try to choose a place that is quiet and (if feasible) removed from household traffic, and other noisy distractions like the TV, radio, or even the internet.  Study in a place that has sufficient light--studying in a poorly lit environment is hard on your eyes, but it also invites drowsiness--and why make scripture study any more difficult than it has to be?
"My experience suggests that a specific and scheduled time set aside each day and, as much as possible, a particular place for study greatly increase the effectiveness of our searching in and study of the scriptures."  (David A. Bednar, "Because We Have Them before Our Eyes,"  New Era, Apr. 2006).
"Study at a desk or table where you can write (not lying down or sitting on your bed),
organize your study materials, and remain alert" (Preach My Gospel, 22).
For more tips on creating a good study space visit "how-to-study.com" HERE.

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